FreeCrypt is a freeware program we provide As-Is. There is no cost, not limitations or known bugs, however the program is provided with no warranty or support of any kind. You use it at your own risk. FreeCrypt allows you to password protect any file you select. With that in mind, you could possibly loose the contents of your file if you forget the password or type it in incorrectly. You could also damage operating system or application files should you try to password protect them (this is not recommended). If you are concerned about possible issues or do not understand the purpose of an encryption program, then it is highly recommend that you do not download or use FreeCrypt.

By downloading and/or using FreeCrypt, you understand and agree that Batson Computer Services, the author or distributors of FreeCrypt will not be held responsible for anything that may result from the use of the product.

FreeCrypt 32 – For All Windows 32 Version from 98 to Present. This has not been tested on 64 Bit Versions

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FreeCrypt 16 For Windows 16 Bit Version – Windows 3.x

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FreeCrypt FAQ

This is the only support for FreeCrypt that you will receive. We are not able to answer phone calls or email regarding this product so please take the time to read through the entire FAQ as it answers about 99.9% of all questions we receive regarding FreeCrypt.

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